The 6 Best Real Estate Web design Builders. Your real estate website is the engine of your business, driving lead generation and converting prospects into clients. That’s why we’ve researched dozens of companies to find the best real estate website builders in the market today.

Without a high-performing real estate website, you’re leaving money on the table and missing opportunities to grow your business. Check out our six favorite providers to help you launch beautifully designed, functional, high-performing real estate websites for agents, teams, and brokerages.

Best Real Estate Website developer Builders

Agents seeking a real estate-focused website provider that will build, update, and manage the site for them Propertybase Agents looking for a great real estate website + CRM combo IDX Broker Agents who want advanced tools to help their prospects navigate their home search InCom Budget-conscious agents also looking for marketing and advertising solutions BoomTown Brokers or real estate teams Squarespace Real estate professionals seeking intuitive design and a wide array of 100+ templates to choose from

How We Chose Our Best Real Estate Website Builders of 2022

While there are other important considerations, we used the following elements as criteria for inclusion on our list of the best real estate website builders available today:

  • Price
  • Templates and customization options
  • IDX capability
  • Lead capture options
  • Built-in CRM (or easy connection capability)
  • Customer support

For this list, we graded each of our chosen providers based on these criteria. How did they measure up? Check out our product reviews below.

1. Best Overall Real Estate Website Builder: Placester

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Placester has been around for a while now and specializes in sites specifically designed for real estate agents. Agents can use their non-coding website builder to DIY their site or they can select Placester’s Do It For Me (DIFM) option. With DIFM, Placester will do all the work of building, managing, updating, and maintaining websites for agents, team leaders, and brokers who need to spend their time doing other things.

The price is reasonable, considering how much work this could take off a busy agent’s plate. Plus, if you select the top tier package, DIFM Content Pro, Placester even posts unique content and social media content.

We continue to be impressed with Placester’s sites from a lead generation and aesthetic standpoint and are excited to see this latest innovative offering. A concierge-level service experience at a great price point with tons of features makes Placester an easy choice as leader of the pack.

Placester Pricing

Placester’s prices depend on two factors: whether you’re a National Association of Realtors (NAR) member and whether you choose to be billed annually or monthly. Placester offers two months off with an annual contract, as well as a substantial discount to NAR members (they’re also the only provider on our list with a NAR partnership).

DIY allows you to use their simple website builder and provides extensive customer support for help when needed. With DIFM Website, Placester builds the site for you within 48 hours of you taking their brief, informational quiz. Once the site is launched, you just provide Placester with any and all changes or updates and they take care of the rest.

DIFM Content Pro includes the website plus three Facebook posts, three Instagram posts, and one custom piece of content every week. And it’s all published automatically for you. They also set up Google analytics so that they (and you) can track what’s working and where there is room for improvement.

Placester’s CRM and IDX integration capabilities are included with every package.

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Examples of Placester Real Estate Websites for Agents

real estate website, digital marketing, award winningreal estate website, digital marketing, web developmentreal estate website design, digital marketing, web design companiesreal estate, markeitng agency, web designers


Placester: The Bottom Line

Placester is a superior product for anyone looking for a real estate-specific website and someone to manage it.

Placester knows what’s important to real estate agents and has put those features front and center.

A website builder with a customer relationship manager (CRM), IDX integration, and lead generation tools—plus the fact that it can all be updated and managed by experts—makes Placester our top choice website builder. Click here to answer a few quick questions and get your custom site within 48 hours—free of charge!

Check out Placester

2. Best Website + CRM Combo: Propertybase

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Propertybase provides real estate professionals with a fantastic, all-in-one solution for client acquisition and nurturing with their lead generation, website, and CRM components all working together.

Their websites are clean, customizable, and trusted by some of our industry’s most prestigious companies.

The Propertybase CRM is second to none regarding capabilities to keep your leads moving down the sales funnel.

Propertybase Pricing

Propertybase offers two different tracks for those seeking a real estate website. The first track is called Propertybase GO, and it’s designed for single agents, teams, and brokerages.

The starting price for Propertybase GO includes the website and the highly regarded Propertybase GO CRM for $349 a month, with a one-year commitment.

We did an in-depth review of Propertybase GO if you want to learn more.

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The second track, called Propertybase Salesforce Edition, is designed to be an enterprise solution for users across large organizations. Prices for this product vary case by case.

Check out Propertybase Salesforce Edition review for more information.

High-performing Landing Pages: Our Favorite Propertybase Feature

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Propertybase Templates & Customizability

real estate website, design companies, real estate agency

Real Estate Lead Capture on Propertybase

real estate website, web design companies, digital marketing

Propertybase CRM Capabilities

real estate web design, digital marketing, top real estate

Examples of Propertybase Real Estate Websites for Agents & Brokerages

real estate webdesign, design companies, real estate agentreal estate web design, design companies, digital agencyreal estate web design, marketing agency, web designers

Ocean, Sotheby’s International Realty

Pink Realty

Colorado Group Realty

Ocean, Sotheby’s International Realty

Pink Realty

Colorado Group Realty

Ocean, Sotheby’s International Realty

Propertybase: The Bottom Line

Propertybase provides a customizable website with lots of great lead capture options, as well as the best CRM in the real estate industry. If you are looking for a powerful new way to grease the sides of your lead funnel and create more prospect conversations, you should check out Propertybase.

Check out Propertybase

3. Best Real Estate Website Builder for Agents Who Want Advanced Home Search Tools: IDX Broker

If you’re an agent looking for more control over your website visitor’s experience, IDX Broker is a great option.

Loaded with all the options you’d expect to find in a real estate website provider, IDX Broker delivers on the must-haves for your real estate website while also providing ultimate flexibility.

With the ability to customize how aggressive your lead capture strategies are, you’re in charge of your visitor’s journey.

You can allow site visitors to create accounts using popular social media logins, and even customize their user interface. They get to choose how they experience your site, and that information gets fed into your CRM for you to leverage later on.

It’s important to remember that IDX Broker is built on the WordPress platform, so you need to have some WordPress knowledge (or hire someone who does) to take advantage of what is being offered here.

IDX Broker Pricing

Pricing on IDX is complicated, but once you’re on their website, it makes sense. Pricing is divided into three tiers:

  • Lite (starting at $50 per month)
  • Platinum (starting at $80 per month)
  • Home (starting at $150 per month)

After you’ve selected your tier, you have options for plans best suited for a single agent, a real estate team, or an entire office.

Each option within each tier offers an increasing number of features, but all the fundamentals are a part of every package—complete with all the lead capture options, search functionality, and so forth—plus a nice back-end CRM.

IDX Broker Home Tier Pricing at a Glance

Though the Lite tier does offer lots of value, most agents are going to find the Platinum tier to be the place they should start looking.

At Platinum, agents unlock features like automatic market reports, upgrade support and service, advanced map and polygon searching, home valuation tools, and more.

With the Home Tier, you get a WordPress website developed and maintained in-house by IDX Broker, rather than having to work with your own developer to build one with you.

Basically, you take all the best parts of IDX Broker and add concierge-level support to it.

Customized Lead Capture Strategies: Our Favorite IDX Broker Feature

IDX Broker Templates & Customizability

market focus, mobile pages, brand, leads

Real Estate Lead Capture on IDX Broker

real estate business, user experience, digital agency

Examples of IDX Broker Real Estate Websites for Agents & Brokerages

real estate web design, digital companies, best practice app developmentBrace Homes websitemarketing plan, around the world services, cost, solutions

Hood Homes, Starpointe Realty

Brace Homes, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan

Mello Group

Hood Homes, Starpointe Realty

Brace Homes, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan

Mello Group

Hood Homes, Starpointe Realty

IDX Broker: The Bottom Line

If you want ultimate control over your website and your user experience, IDX Broker is definitely a provider to consider. Visit them today to see which tier, plan, and options are best for your business.

Check out IDX Broker

4. Best Website Builder for Budget-conscious Agents Looking for Premium Marketing Features: InCom

InCom provides attractive websites for real estate agents that do everything you need them to do. They provide a place for people to search for listed property, give prospects an easy way to contact you, and provide a platform for them to consume your content online.

But the extras that InCom offers really set it apart from the rest of the providers on our list.

These include a makeshift CRM, integration with social media platforms to make lead generation easier, and real estate-specific landing pages that will convert your incoming lead traffic better than a generic website landing page.

InCom Pricing

InCom pricing starts at just $39.95 a month for an annual plan, plus a one-time setup fee of $250. InCom’s pricing is very competitive, and unlike real estate-specific competitor Placester, nearly all the essential features of the platform are included in their monthly or annual rate.

InCom Pricing at a Glance—January 2022

InCom OffersPriceIDX Website With Unlimited Content, Access to 6 Standard Templates$44.95 / month (annually) or $49.95 / month (monthly) Access to Additional Premium Templates$4.95 / monthOne-time Setup Fee$250Google Ad Words Management$100 / monthFacebook Ads Management$100 / monthReCall Marketing – Silver Package$45 / month + $125 setup feeReCall Marketing – Gold Package$175 / month + $125 setup feeReCall Marketing – Platinum Package$300 / month + $125 setup fee

All the integrations, page features, and offers from InCom are included in their base package. There’s no need to budget for add-ons unless you want one of the premium templates they offer or some of their premium marketing options.

InCom Templates & Customizability

real estate web design, best practice,full service clients

Real Estate Lead Capture on InCom

wordpress focus market, cost mobile solutions, brand

InCom CRM Capabilities

real estate web design, designer, leads, agency team

Examples of InCom Real Estate Websites for Agents

real estate web design, best practices, business servicesreal estate web design, services agency team, user friendlyreal estate web design, mobile cost solutions, brand

Steven Maislin, RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc.

Michael Steinman, Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.

Mary Cerqua, Right At Home Realty Inc.

Steven Maislin, RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc.

Michael Steinman, Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.

Mary Cerqua, Right At Home Realty Inc.

Steven Maislin, RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc.

InCom: The Bottom Line

InCom offers a fantastic real estate website at an affordable price.

For agents operating a one-person business, they provide all the elements you need to be successful, and their additional premium ad support and lead generation options are great ways to get your business into growth mode.

Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned professional, InCom is a great option for anyone looking for a real estate website builder.

Check out InCom

5. Best Real Estate Website Builder for Brokers & Teams: BoomTown

Larger organizations require a different approach with features like lead distribution, team tracking, pipeline management, and more.

BoomTown offers all of this, taking the website building process out of the individual’s hands and making it an office solution.

BoomTown Pricing

BoomTown’s real estate websites for agents and brokerages start at $1,000 per month, plus a $750 onboarding fee for their Launch package, which is ideal for one to three agents.

The next step up is their Grow package at $1,550 a month plus a $1,550 onboarding fee, designed for teams or brokerages of three to 10 people.

BoomTown also offers a whole suite of other products, including a customer relationship manager (CRM), lead generation, marketing automation, lead qualification, and pipeline management.

Unfortunately, the prices for each of these products is not listed publicly and are subject to change based on the other products you purchase, so we weren’t able to get a clear understanding of all the different BoomTown product prices.

BoomTown Pricing at a Glance—January 2022

PackagePriceLaunch (1-2 agents)$1,000 / month + $750 onboarding feeCore (2-5 agents)$1,300 / month + $1,700 onboarding feeGrow (3-10 agents)$1,500 / month + $1,500 onboarding feeAdvance (11+ agents)Call for pricing

Since BoomTown is geared toward brokerages and teams, the prices of their products are definitely in a different weight class than other real estate website builders on our list.

However, BoomTown offers other perks you might not find elsewhere, giving you a serious bang for your buck. Some perks include access to a very competitive real estate CRM, lead distribution tools, and some brokerage-level marketing strategies.


BoomTown Templates & Customizability

real estate web design, market mobile solutions, leads, designers

Real Estate Lead Capture on BoomTown

real estate web design, solutions, custo

BoomTown CRM Capabilities

real estate web design, custom solutions, create clients reviews

Examples of BoomTown Real Estate Websites for Agents & Brokerages

real estate web design, business services agency team, best practicesreal estate web design, design companiesreal estate website design, social media

The Duncan Duo, RE/MAX Dynamic

Jim Allen, Coldwell Banker Howard, Perry and Watson

Ben Kinney Team, Keller Williams Western Realty

The Duncan Duo, RE/MAX Dynamic

Jim Allen, Coldwell Banker Howard, Perry and Watson

Ben Kinney Team, Keller Williams Western Realty

The Duncan Duo, RE/MAX Dynamic

BoomTown: The Bottom Line

If you need a real estate website solution for your brokerage or team, BoomTown is the best place to get it.

Yes, it’s a little pricey, but you get a lot for your money, and even though there’s an investment to be made, running a business requires investment on a large scale if you’re going to support the success of multiple agents.

Check out BoomTown

6. Best Builder for Agents Seeking Attractive Templates & Flexible Design: Squarespace

real estate website design, social media

Squarespace provides, far and away, the most templates, design flexibility, and options for anyone creating a website—including real estate professionals.

To be totally clear, Squarespace is not a real estate-specific platform. As such, they’re missing a couple of website elements, like a built-in CRM and real estate lead capture landing pages that you’ll find on Placester and InCom.

However, the platform provides a wide array of website design options, and these integrate with nearly every major CRM and lead capture platform on the web.

Any integration challenges can be overcome, especially if you have a specific vision for how you want your website to look, and you feel that you can’t achieve your goals using the relatively restrictive templates of the other providers.

Overall, Squarespace is an affordable, open-world option for real estate professionals who want total control over their website’s design and don’t mind integrating their website with other real estate products like a CRM or email marketing system.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace pricing starts at $12 per month when paid annually for their Personal Plan.

Though a well-appointed package, most real estate agents will find the Business Plan at $18 per month (when paid annually) to be the way to go.

This plan allows better on-page lead capture, one year of free Google Workspace access, and other premium design elements.

Squarespace Pricing at a Glance—January 2022

Squarespace PackagePricePersonal$12 / month (annually) or $16 / month (monthly)Business$18 / month (annually) or $26 / month (monthly)

Squarespace also offers pricing options for individuals looking to sell things directly on their site. While most real estate agents don’t need this feature, if you ever decide to offer professional real estate products like coaching or services, Squarespace lets you take payments and sell right from your site.

Awesome Design Flexibility: Our Favorite Squarespace Feature

real estate website design, web design company

Squarespace Templates & Customizability

real estate website design, website design and development

Squarespace IDX Capability

real estate website design, new real estate website

Examples of Squarespace Real Estate Websites for Agents

real estate website design, business services around the worldreal estate website design, create custom reviewsreal estate website design, best real estate webreal estate website design, best real estate web

Suzanne McMillan, Sotheby’s International

Linda Levin, Sotheby’s International Real Estate

Estates Business Group

Suzanne McMillan, Sotheby’s International

Linda Levin, Sotheby’s International Real Estate

Estates Business Group

Suzanne McMillan, Sotheby’s International

Squarespace: The Bottom Line

Out of all the website builders that aren’t real estate-specific, Squarespace is the clear leader.

Their designs are beautiful, their options are virtually limitless, and their prices are very competitive.

Though they lack some of the industry-specific touches that a provider like Placester makes available, they are still a very viable option for anyone needing to design a new online presence.

Check out Squarespace

Your Turn

Are there any real estate website builders that we missed? What other providers are worthy of review? Tell us which platform you use and what your experiences have been in the comments below.

Real estate websites are one of the many real estate marketing tools agents need to get more leads and promote their business. If you’re looking for more ideas to fill your lead funnel, make sure to check out our article 37 Underrated Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for 2021.


How can I enhance the visual appeal of my real estate website? Invest in high-quality images, employ a clean and modern design, and focus on creating an intuitive user interface.

Is local SEO essential for a real estate website? Absolutely. Local SEO ensures your properties are visible to potential buyers in your target area, increasing the chances of successful transactions.

Why should I incorporate virtual tours on my website? Virtual tours provide a comprehensive view of properties, giving potential buyers a better understanding and increasing their confidence in making a purchase.

What security measures should I implement on my real estate website? Utilize SSL certificates, secure payment gateways, and regularly update security protocols to protect user data and financial transactions.

How can I optimize my website for mobile users? Ensure your website has a responsive design, prioritize mobile-friendly layouts, and regularly test its performance on various devices.

Which CMS is best for real estate websites? The choice depends on your specific needs. WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix are popular options, each offering unique features tailored to real estate businesses.


Elevate your real estate game with a thoughtfully designed website. From user-friendly interfaces to SEO optimization, this guide empowers you to create a digital presence that resonates with potential buyers. Embrace these strategies, and watch your real estate endeavors flourish online.

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