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Vector conversions

Vector conversion software Vector conversions software refers to software programs or tools that are designed to convert raster images into vector images. Raster images are made up of pixels and are resolution-dependent, while vector images are made up of mathematical paths and are resolution-independent, allowing for scalability without loss of quality. Vector conversion software can be useful for various purposes,…

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Vector image creator

Illustrations present a well-proven way to enhance user experience. Yet, if you are not an illustrator, it may be a challenge to get custom images that won’t cost a fortune and will tell your specific story. To solve the issue, today we’ve released Vector Creator, a free tool that allows creators to make striking illustrations right in their browser. No design…

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Vectorizing images

Vectorizing images are images created from lines and directions. They differ from raster graphics in that they can easily scale to any size without pixelation, as the lines are redrawn whenever it is resized. Converting a raster, or pixel-based, image is tricky due to the inherent differences in the formats. You’ll essentially be tracing over the original image to recreate…

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