Property retouching is valuable when the building needs to be either “finished” or de-cluttered for the promotional photos.

It is not always possible to get to the property to take the “finished build” photos before the sale is made. With houses being sold so fast and people moving in just as the builders move out, arranging that photography slot is not always possible. The builder, developer or architect will want images for their folio, this is where the retoucher comes in.

property retouching

In this example, the patio has been de-cluttered and rebuilt to remove the outside furniture.  A huge use of cloning in perspective using “vanishing point“, fully explained here in an earlier post. We also lightened the shadows and rebuilt the wall. The large patio heater had reflections in the windows and the Christmas lights were also removed. A complex photo rproperty retouching o an excellent building.

What needs to be avoided with this kind of property retouching is falsifying results. Changing the scenery i.e. what is next door or permanent fixtures like street lamps or traffic lights should never be removed in order to try to sell a property. This is considered falsifying information and being deceitful. Better to only change what the architects and builders or designers are going to put right or what potential the building has for future development.

property retouching

This image was fairly time-consuming to do. Much more complex additions can be made with the aid of 3D Software and of course much more time. For budget requirements using what is in the image works out the most friendly on the pocket. Having to “design” a whole new section of the house in 3D software obviously is far more in-depth than “retouching” what is already there.

If you have a house photo that needs retouching or need a digital house make-over, check out my main photo retouching page to see how I can help you and how you can hire me.

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