Labels design

If you’re in the process of designing a product label, where should you direct your attention? Take it from the experts you’ll want to consider this list of details to create an eye-catching, effective label.

Consider the Size of Your Product and Where You’ll Place the Label

Before you get started designing the label itself, it’s a good idea to assess the area you have to work with; to that end. Take a brief look at the overall size of your packaging as well as the space, So you have available for a label. For the most part, larger products offer more options for label placement than smaller ones and allow for a larger variety of label sizes and shapes.

Design for the Size and Shape of the Label Itself

Label size and shape are largely influenced by the packaging size and shape, as mentioned above.Labels design that’s too small looks out of place and fails to catch the consumer’s eye; however, wrapped label designs that are too large for the container tend to block consumers from viewing the product inside. In addition, you’ll need labels design shape that not only fits the packaging without creasing or lifting but draws attention on a shelf unique shapes that fit your branding are a great option to set you apart from the competition.

Pick the Perfect Label Color Scheme

The color scheme you choose for your label can have a large impact on how your product is perceived. Consider the psychological research behind the colors available, and what tone you want your product to set, whether it’s tranquility, excitement, environmental friendliness, or something else. In addition, you’ll want to choose a color that stands out to members of your target demographic.

Spot Color vs Full Color Labels

Once you have a color palette in mind, determine whether you’ll need spot color or full color printing.

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