WordPress professional customization freelance services

WordPress professional customization freelance services at affordable prices.

WordPress professional customization freelance services starts from affordable prices. Improve your wordpress site catching the eye and generate clicks.

What we need to start?

  • Reference examples from the styles you like.
  • Product photo and text if you have.
  • Preferred colors.

What can we do with this design service?

  • We can customize your WordPress site theme.
  • We can set up your WordPress site.
Wordpress professional customization freelance services

Ready? Get started today! Ready for the professionals to create your wordpress professional customization freelance services? Just follow our 3 easy steps and you’ll be on your own way.

Step one

Email  your detailed project with images and text if you have. You can also show a sample of your desired work. For large orders you can use dropbox  or wetransfer.

Step two

We will send you an estimate and wait for your go ahead to proceed with the project. Watermarked samples will be sent for your appraisal.

Step three

We will amend the work until you are completely satisfied. Only then, will we invoice you. Upon payment, the final design work will be sent to you.

We have put together a list with the things we have learned during development and share them with you:

  • 1. First of all, it’s easier then you might think. I’ve delayed launching my own blog for quite some time now. Because the  main reason was the fact that we really wanted a custom theme and was just terrified about the prospect, considering that the previous theme I’ve implemented really stressed me out big time. Hence, trying to get pull my self from this endless circle (need custom theme -> really hard -> don’t do it) I’ve decided to go ahead and just install any old theme and go from there regardless on how the blog would look. And I did just that. Luckily for me as I was searching the net for worpress themes and Thematic popped out of no ware ( what I mean to say is that I forgot where I found it firs :D… I think it was on SmashingMagazine but just can’t find the link). Therefore, now that I found Thematic so easy to use I’m actually considering to implement another custom blog design using it in the next month or so.
  • 2. Use child themes. This is how things really take off! Child themes in my opinion are the future. It seems like a Child Theme inherits all the template files of the Parent Theme — except for style.css and functions.php, while take precedence over the original. From what I’ve head from WordPress version 2.7 it will be possible to overwrite all the template files with your own, making the update of your blog and customization so much easier. (For more informations about child themes visit here and here)
  • 3. Yet you don’t need to write any XHTML. Because I used a child theme, I didn’t have to create my own XHTML based on the layout design of my blog. Thematic was built with this in mind. Don’t need to write XHTML, CSS will suffice. This shortens the development of a blog theme by a couple of hours… Not bad at all.