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Graphic design

The Role of Graphic Design in Society Many now think of graphic design as a profession, but it used to be more of a hobby. Graphic design is an applied field of visual communication that incorporates the production of tangible expression through selected tools, methods and technique. As a profession, graphic design has many different fields and applications- from printing…

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What is Service List Design? A new way of thinking, creating and designing

Have you ever called your phone/ insurance/ medical insurance company and had to give your details three times, or phone three different numbers to get your problem solved? Or wondered why, if you contract a service with a certain company, it’s a different company that comes to your house to install what you’ve contracted? That’s where service design comes in,…

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Ad graphic design

What is ad graphic design? Advertising design is the creation of artwork used in ads, typically for products or services. Getting more specific, the goal of advertising design is usually (but not always!) to drive sales. And when an ad’s goal isn’t to drive sales, it’s to drive some other specific action. Usually it is an action that will eventually…

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