Why to try reframing?
This section is based on the ‘grid’ and ‘crop’ tool in Photoshop!

Many photographers don’t like this verb at all – reframe… Reframing should never happen (happened once for him, apparently, on the famous ‘lader’ pic). The idea behind: reduce photo editing and think about composing already when taking the photo. Which is, of course, good advice.

What does a ‘grid’ do? Basically, it’s the visual of a mathematical structure. This structure organizes the blank paper sheet, a book’s page, a web page layout and even the scene in front of your camera. To give to the eye something harmonious to look at. In photography, the ‘grid’ makes your eye travel from point A to B. It allows you to place elements at strategic places, to lead your viewer to the main subject(s).

As beginner, I find it hard to visualize lines forming a complex ‘grid’ without a real representation of it in my viewfinder. That’s why I love using the different grids in Photoshop. They let me ‘place again’ my subject if I got it wrong at the capture. And it allows to test sophisticated grid systems, like the golden spiral.

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