Professional cd, dvd, ebook covers graphic design

Professional cd, dvd, ebook covers graphic design

Professional cd, dvd, ebook covers graphic design service at affordable prices.

Professional cd, dvd, ebook covers graphic design service starts from affordable prices, there is also a discount for multiple orders.

What we need to start?

  • Reference examples from the styles you like.
  • Logo and text if you have.
  • Preferred colors.

What can we do with this design service?

  • Professional cd graphic design.
Professional cd, dvd, ebook covers graphic design

Ready? Get started today! Ready for the professionals to create your professional cd, dvd, ebook covers graphic design service? Just follow our 3 easy steps and you’ll be on your own way.

Step one

Email  your detailed project with images and text if you have. You can also show a sample of your desired work. For large orders you can use dropbox  or wetransfer.

Step two

We will send you an estimate and wait for your go ahead to proceed with the project. Watermarked samples will be sent for your appraisal.

Step three

We will amend the work until you are completely satisfied. Only then, will we invoice you. Upon payment, the final design work will be sent to you.

The professional cd graphic design that you choose for your business will help clients form an impression of your company. The design should reflect the image that you want your company to project. Ensuring that your strategy is incorporated into the design will help people recognize your company and understand the message that you’re trying to convey.

Design tips for professional cd graphic design.

Color Scheme.

Your business stationary should include color to make it stand out. Matching the colors in your logo to those on your stationery is a good idea for branding purposes. Choose complementary colors for your stationery, as they look best together.

Clean Space.

Choosing a design that offers elements of clean white space will help your message stand out. A design that is too busy will distract clients from noticing the important things on the stationery, such as your contact information and logo.


Selecting font styles and colors that are easy to read is a necessity. Text should be printed in an easy-to-read format, aligned left to right. Using no more than two different fonts keeps the style consistent and the text readable.