Logos design graphic service


To purchase this service simply send your content along with the images and other data that you want to show on your logo project design.

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To start we need:
  • The size of the project design or custom size.
  • your images
  • your text
  • sample style logo you like
  • modification desired
  • product images in high resolution
What you’ll get in return?
  • Logo design of your desired size
  • logo design of your desired extention file
  • unlimited revisions
  • dedicated support
  • affordable pricing
  • print ready logo design
Why logos design are important?

When you’re considering all of the factors that go into building a business like a food company, creating foods logos might not seem like a top priority. 

“Maybe I don’t even need a logo at all”. A little voice is whispering in the back of your mind.

So, why are cool logos important? Because it grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, is the foundation of your brand identity, is memorable, separates you from competition, fosters brand loyalty, and is expected by your audience.

1. It grabs attention

Firstly coolest logos can quickly grab viewers’ attention and communicate a company’s core values in an interesting way. That short attention span, you know, the one that causes consumers to judge your business by its appearance, can work to your advantage, if you have a solid logo to speak for your company.

2. It makes a strong first impression

Brand logos are a company’s first introduction to consumers. If designed well, it can pique the interest of the public and invite them to learn more about the company.

If not, you’ve just alienated a potential customer base and basically tanked your business.

3. It’s the foundation of your brand identity

Successful branding is about telling a story that will influence customers’ emotions – plain and simple.

And moreover, while it’s true that logo design is only a part of a company’s brand, it serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which the brand is built.

Colors, tones, fonts, all of this is determined by the story you’re trying to tell, and in addition your logos ideas sets the stage for this story.

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