Infograph graphic web design


To purchase this service simply send your content along with the images and other data that you want to show on your infographs design.

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To start we need:
  • The size of the project design like A4/A5/A6 or custom size.
  • your images
  • your text if required
  • sample style image you like
  • modification desired
  • product images in high resolution
What you’ll get in return?
  • Infographic design of your desired size
  • Infographic design of your desired extention file
  • unlimited revisions
  • dedicated support
  • affordable pricing
  • print ready gif
Valid reasons to use infograph graphic design

You should know that in this day and age, people are overloaded with information. This similarly means that getting your message out there requires more than just plain text. Within the last 3 years, infographics have emerged as a novel solution to keep information concise and present it in an appealing way.

It’s a better way to tell stories for simple infographic

Making good infographics require you to collect relevant data, write compelling text. And present them too in an efficient and visually pleasing way.

It’s a better way to receive stories

Firstly data in infographics are great. Facts & figures lend authority and give readers a tangible point of reference.

We are visual creatures. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. And that is processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text. That is why we would rather look at an infographic than read a lengthy text containing the same content.

It’s a better way to reach maximum coverage and attract traffic

A useful and relevant infographic will drive traffic to your site because people will share the infographic and also link to it. Many SEO experts have recommended to invest in infographics as an organic way to boost search engine rankings.

Print can’t go digital, but digital can go print. Infographics can easily be exported to presentations, posters, brochures, leaflets when necessary as giveaways to your customers.

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