Postcard design

Postcards are a great way to grab attention and promote your business, product, or services. Creating a strong marketing piece is key to successfully attracting interest and new customers. It can be challenging to design one. There are endless possibilities when it comes to postcard marketing. Whether used as a business postcard or as invitations, they are useful.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Ok, so how do you design a postcard? It is essential to remember your target audience when creating the design. Make sure you understand the tone and style of design, as it may attract some and possibly repel others. Finding the right tone and style of your target audience will be most effective. When thinking about the nature of the card, it should match your business to create a coherent whole.

Maximize the Space

Postcards are available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs; for either a small or large business. Depending on the postcard size selected, it can be challenging to communicate your complete message. Sometimes they are referred to as “over-sized” postcards because they stand out in the mail compared to other mailings.
Work to maximize the space by using images that complement your text; the imagery and text should together reveal the message. Including hi-res pictures, logos, and bright colors all can help add interest and can show what you are trying to communicate.

Use High-Quality Images

We’ve all heard the phrase – A picture is worth a thousand words. A single image can convey an idea. Including great photos can help support your text message. They work hand-in-hand and can make the postcard stand out and, depending on the design, evoke a positive emotional response. It’s essential to make sure the image being used is at 300dpi.

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