If you want to impress your customers with sweet images of pets, promote your images with goods for pets or let people know about your animal photography services, realize one of these pet photoshoot ideas.

For example:

  • In Harmony with Nature
    If you are interested in dog photography ideas that don’t require much preparation, you try this one. Actually, you just need to find a picturesque place, choose a proper angle and snap a shot. Images with natural background always look beautiful. You can choose a flower field or a blooming park as a shooting location. The main thing is to show that your little friend is also fond of being there.
  • Bubbles & Pets
    You pet will definitely appreciate such an idea. Filling the frame with soap bubbles that add colors and dynamics to the picture is a great thing to do.When an animal starts chasing the bubbles or tries to bite them – the effect is hilarious and you will definitely take lots of funny images.
  • Pets in Motion
    Don’t stick to “stand-still” pet photo ideas. You need to show your models from different angles and making them run or jump can bring really cool results. Show your fluffy in motion! Pets are usually very active and you should encourage them to move during a DIY pet photo shoot.
  • In bed.
    If you manage to capture this moment, you will get very sweet pictures. This is a kind of pet photo ideas that work best for kittens and puppies. You can photograph your pet’s entire body or focus on individual parts, e.g. nose, ears, eyes.
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