Marketing Infographic

Infographics are a highly effective content format when used for the right purpose. Here are eight fantastic benefits of using infographics.
Pitch infographics as a content format to a client or your boss and you run the risk of being met with a blank stare.


Because for some, Infographs are a thing of the past.
Infographs. Aren’t Dead, They’ve Just Had a Change of Purpose

Link builders used and abused the format to death.

Almost regardless of the topic and design, you could fairly easily land coverage on top-tier publications by using infographics.

Look at it from a journalist or bloggers perspective. Literally hundreds of marketers creating content which you can write a quick intro for, post, and embed the visual.

The problem with this was that the format became saturated.

The quantity being produced increased over a few years and the quality declined.
Sometime around late 2016, top-tiers stopped publishing infographics at anywhere near the same frequency as they had been doing in prior years.

How do I know?

A few years back, I was producing somewhere between 200 and 300 infographics per year.

Thankfully, most were of a high design quality. But even now, I can look back and feel a little embarrassed as to some of the approaches and “quick wins” we took.

I’ll never forget a series of “sleep hack” infographics we rolled out for a bedding retailer. In reality, the first one was great “11 Sleep Hacks Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know.” It landed coverage from many top-tier publications and some fantastic links.

The problem with infographics a few years ago is that they were being used with a format-first approach.

Marketers were simply deciding to publish an infographic without much thought to the story and data behind it.

Infographics simply became an easy way to land links.

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