Freelance custom splash graphic design page layout

Freelance custom splash graphic design page layout service at affordable prices.

Freelance custom splash graphic design page layout service starts from affordable prices, there is also a discount for multiple orders.Get a custom splash page design that will catch the eye and generate clicks.

What we need to start?

  • Reference examples from the styles you like.
  • Product photo and text if you have.
  • Preferred colors.

What can we do with this design service?

  • Custom splash page design.
Freelance custom splash graphic design page layout

Ready? Get started today! Ready for the professionals to create your freelance custom splash graphic design page layout service? Just follow our 3 easy steps and you’ll be on your own way.

Step one

Email  your detailed project with images and text if you have. You can also show a sample of your desired work. For large orders you can use dropbox  or wetransfer.

Step two

We will send you an estimate and wait for your go ahead to proceed with the project. Watermarked samples will be sent for your appraisal.

Step three

We will amend the work until you are completely satisfied. Only then, will we invoice you. Upon payment, the final design work will be sent to you.

Best practices for splash pages.

Up until a few years ago, splash pages were used prevalently across the web in mundane ways ways like thanking users for visiting the site and then requiring them to click enter to even access content on the site. Fortunately, those days seem to be behind us and their general use on websites has drastically diminished.

We work on a wide spectrum of types of websites, but for the most part splash page use is limited to our political and non-profit clients.

For political work, we use splash pages across nearly all the campaign sites where clients are in the midst of a campaign; primarily for collecting email signups, and intermittently as a call for donations. For non-profit clients, they are rarely used, but when they are, it’s generally for the latter — the client is in the midst of big fundraising push and many visitors to the site will be accessing the site for the sole reason of making a donation.

For setup on sites that require splash pages, we shifted a year ago to primarily using a lightbox’y modal with cookie integration and various other features like the ability to temporarily hide or show the splash to users when necessary. The code is open sourced at for anyone interested in taking a peek or using it. Additionally, for the sites that require redirecting users to a separate page and cannot be handled by CoverPop, the JavaScript and HiFi setup we use is on our Github account..

The goal with this post isn’t to dissuade you from using splash pages (Google something like “splash pages and bounce rate” if you want that), but instead offer recommendations on the best way to approach splash pages if you do need to use one.