With the continuous rise of e-commerce, it’s undeniably vital to have an appealing and well-presented catalog as it says a lot about the products and services being offered.
Professionally retouched catalog photos are one of the key factors in boosting online sales. The importance of image quality and how it is presented is undoubtedly essential to the business’ success. With this, more and more companies are investing in professional e-commerce photo editing services.
In Mount Studio, we pay close attention to the product to bring out the most in it. In the process, we clean up the photos, remove undesirable elements (e.g., scratches, dust, stains), make color adjustments, and/or remove a background. All that while making sure the photos still look realistic, attractive, and professional.

Step 1:

Clean Background Floor Using Spot Healing Brush, Patch, and Clone Stamp
We start by cleaning up the processed raw image from scratches and dust. Our go-to tools are the spot healing brush, patch, and clone stamp.

Step 2:

Reduce Creases on Clothing
When using the clone tool, make sure you clone using the source just around the crease area. We normally don’t remove the entire crease as it will look unnatural.

Step 3:

Correct Clothing Color with Hue/Saturation Tool
Afterwards, we move on to color correction. First and foremost, we need to have a reference on the preferred clothing color to ‘correct’ our subject. For better viewing, we place the original and the reference photo side by side. There are different tools that can help us fix this problem. Let’s focus on the easiest and most effective tool which is the Hue/Saturation tool.
Now, to modify the colors, we need to identify first which color we want to change it to. For this particular image, it’s Cyan. Begin clicking the hand icon shown in the above photo and start dragging the Hue & Saturation sliders until it matches the color reference.

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