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How to Create Flyer Design

Creating a stunning flyer when you are not a pro in the field, is not actually mission impossible. There are tons of tools, tutorials, and even pre-made templates that make creating a modern flyer feel like a breeze even for beginners. In today’s post, we’ll show you amazing tutorials on how to create flyer designs from scratch, as well as…

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Social media designers

Social media designers Social media designers craft high-quality graphic content and posts it on all the company’s social media profiles. Their job is to employ their graphic design and programming skills to create compelling posts, pages, and applications that drive traffic and boost conversions. They also need to possess extensive marketing knowledge to be able to come up with the…

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Reframe if necessary on Photoshop

Why to try reframing? This section is based on the ‘grid’ and ‘crop’ tool in Photoshop! Many photographers don’t like this verb at all – reframe… Reframing should never happen (happened once for him, apparently, on the famous ‘lader’ pic). The idea behind: reduce photo editing and think about composing already when taking the photo. Which is, of course, good…

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Difference between RAW and JPEG

Before starting photo editing: convert RAW files into DNG or JPEG Let’s start our photo editing tutorial for beginners with method: how to convert RAW images into files that your photo editing program will accept? As beginner photographer, you might not know yet the ‘RAW’ issue. It actually becomes a real question when you start asking yourself how to edit…

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E-Commerce Photo Retouching tips

With the continuous rise of e-commerce, it’s undeniably vital to have an appealing and well-presented catalog as it says a lot about the products and services being offered. Professionally retouched catalog photos are one of the key factors in boosting online sales. The importance of image quality and how it is presented is undoubtedly essential to the business’ success. With…

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Portrait Photo Retouching Tips

As photographers, it is our duty to capture the ‘perfect shot’ during a photo session. Nevertheless, there will always be flaws and imperfections within the frame. Fortunately, with today’s advanced technology, we are able to achieve the desired image that we want through post-production. Although we might think we got the perfect shot, it can still be enhanced and that’s…

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