Creative corporate identity, stationery design

Creative corporate identity, stationery design

Creative corporate identity, branding, stationery design service Milano.

Creative corporate identity, branding, stationery design service starts from affordable price. Designing stationery as part of a branding project not only can you express creativity in the artwork, design for print also allows you to experiment with different paper stocks and inks to create premium quality goods. There is also a discount for multiple orders.

What we need to start?

  • Reference examples from the styles you like.
  • Product photo and text if you have.
  • Preferred colors.

What can we do with this service?

  • logo design.
  • business card design.
  • envelope design.
  • letterhead design.
  • design for gadgets.
Creative corporate identity, branding, stationery design

Ready? Get started today! Ready for the professionals to create your affordable creative corporate identity, branding, stationery design? Just follow our 3 easy steps and you’ll be on your own way.

Step one

Email  your detailed project with images and text if you have. You can also show a sample of your desired work. For large orders you can use dropbox  or wetransfer.

Step two

We will send you an estimate and wait for your go ahead to proceed with the project. Watermarked samples will be sent for your appraisal.

Step three

We will amend the work until you are completely satisfied. Only then, will we invoice you. Upon payment, the final design work will be sent to you.

Creative corporate identity, branding, stationery design shop of olivesLogo design.

A logo is more than just a symbol associated with your brand. It is designed to capture the interest of your customers and empower them to indentify your brand through the logo. It must capture the very essence of your brand. If you check some of the most popular logos of great brands you will notice how much of the brand’s ideals are embedded in the logo of the company.
Your logo is often the first thing that a potential customer notices about you. So it is important that your logo makes a strong statement about you. Your company logo should be the image that you are trying to project and create a desired impact among your clients and prospective customers.

Tips for Creating Business Stationery.

Today, more and more companies are using creatively designed business stationery to convey the image and personality of their businesses to leave a long lasting impression. In this post we have listed 20 of the best tips to creating business stationery.


Not every business will employ a slogan, but it is a great way of not only acting as a brand builder, but it also portrays your “promises” to your consumers.  Your slogan may not be present on every piece of stationery, but where possible it can be included to compliment the whole branding package.

Font Type.

Whilst most businesses will try and stand out from the crowd with their custom printing designs, make sure that you do not opt for unreadable fonts.  Consumers will be looking for text that is easy on the eye, that can portray information clearly.


You can print a lot of stationery items from the comfort of your own home or office.  However, depending on the equipment you have and the amount of printing you need to do, you may well be better off getting in touch with a local or online printing company to help you out.